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We are proud to introduce a brand new line of JADE therapy products for home and office use.Our product are indicated for pain relief, muscle relaxation, increasing blood circulation and mobility of jointa.

Jade Health Automatic Bed Model No - CHM 123

FIR Technology + Negative Ion Technology 
Name / Model - Auto Bed / CHM 123 Roller     - Back And Leg
Modes    - 12 + Auto Mode
Remote  - Wire Less
Gift           - Jade Steamer
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10 Types Of Ceracare Jade Automatic Therapy And It's Benefits

CeraCare Jade 9 Ball Benefits Of Energy Lines And 15 Healing Points

          Stress is one of the most detrimental factors on our overall health. Relaxation is more important to your health than most people realize. According to New York Times best-selling author and fitness instructor Jorge Cruise – and many other health professionals, the more stressed you are, the more cortical your body will produce. Cortical is a ”fight or flight” hormone made in the adrenal glands that raises heart rate, blood pressure, and encourages the deposit of any excess calories into the midsection .

          An ceracare  Bed is the perfect way to relax and let life's pressures melt away in the soothing warmth. Infrared therapy has been shown to promote a rebalancing of the body's hormones through its effect on the autonomic nervous system, reducing the negative physical impact of stress on the body. An ceracare Bed session helps to truly rebalance both the mind and body.

Improve your Immune System

          A session in an ceracare Bed raises body temperature, inducing a type of artificial fever. As the body works to combat this "fever" your body's immune system is stimulated and strengthened. Combined with the elimination of toxins and wastes by intense sweating, your overall health and resistance to disease XXXX

          Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) has been widely acknowledged by the medical profession for many years. People suffering from (SAD) can see an increase of metabolic disorders, depression, skin diseases, allergies and conditions caused by impaired/suppressed immune systems. In our cold dark winters when we get as little as 7-8 hours of sunlight per day, the consequences of light deprivation are severe for many people (If you work inside, you may not see sunlight for days at a time).

          With light comes life; we witness this every year in the spring when the days become longer. The far infrared rays from our CERACARE Bed mimic the benefits of natural sunlight.

Relaxation and Stress Relief


          Jade mattress is multiple purpose healthy & medical mattress that can improve our health and relax

          Jade mattress is multiple purpose healthy & medical mattress. Give a reward for yourself to enjoy and relax after one day hard work or buy for your loved one to improve his/her health.

          During the ancient times the emperors loved to use beds made of natural jade.Jade is the most valuable treasure for imperial families and oriental society believes that jade gives the mysterious effects to a human  body. According to "Holy Book of Oriental Medical Cure" it has the function such as downing body heats, minimizing thirst, strengthening the bones, glossing hairs, eliminating fatigue, and freshening the head, it also activates blood circulation and removes the bad materials from the body. 

              Asian culture and oriental medicine indicate that it helps increase and circulate energy (Chi) to help the body heal itself from imbalance.

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