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F.I.R Technology

Energy Creates Energy - Jade Energy Mat

1.Body temperature represents body's functioning state.


2.Far infrared is narure's nourishing rays.


3.Water and blood is always in motion.


4.Spine is the pillar of the body.


5.Heat the body / Heal the body. 

Dr. Toshiko Yamazaki, M.D. (Japan Advisor on FIR Expert Reserch & Technology) dalam bukunya " The Science of Far Infrared (FIR) Therapy " menyatakan

Jade Stone is a Energy Stone Emit FIR energy When Heat

When The Jade Is Heated, It Emits Far Infrared Rays That Penetrate Up To 5CM Deep Into The Tissues.

          Jade is a naturally occurring mineral widely used as a semi - precious gemstone, and it has unique energy properties responsible for many benefical health effects.


          From the scientific standpoint, when heart or pressed, jade is known to generate a weak electric current, producing far infrared rays and converting moisture in the air to negative ions. 

Research found jade generates energy

           Around 1986, it was found in a research station in japan that, even though jade was broken down in smaller pieces, a positive and a negative electrode existed on both end of the crystal, and the electrodes never disappeared unless jade was boiled near 1000 C .


          In addition, when the positive and the negative electrodes of jade crystal were connected to each other, it was proven to show low electricity of 0.06mA. 

What Is FIR Energy?

As a crystal, Jade Stone Is Believed To Have Following Healing Effects:

Boost Ones Good Fortune


Enhance Self - Confidence , Assists In Self Assurance , Self Reliance , And Self Sufficiency


Purifies The Body And Spirit


Gives Strength To Fight Sickness And Disease.


Stimulates Creativity And Mental Agility


Have A Balancing And Harmonizing Effect On The Wearer.


As a Protective Stone , Guarding Against Accidents And Misfortune.


Good For Kidney , Heat And Stomach Ailments 

Jade , Nature's Source Of F.I.R Negative Ions And Energy